> What is your name? - My name is Pearl

> When was the time your talking about? How old are you now? - I think I first saw this photograph in 1926 or 27. It may have been taken several years earlier though. I'm dead now. I died in 1968 at the age of 68.

> What did he tell you about Federico? Did he tell you by letter? - He told me by letter, all kinds of wild tales, about trips to caves, long sojourns in the Spanish countryside, gallivanting around the streets of Madrid, staying up all night drinking wine and singing songs to the moon. More lively than anything you'd find in our
locale and some that scared me not a little bit.

> Do you have any of the letters he sent you? what do they say? I'll have to look for them. I think I might have saved a few.

> Are we talking about Evansville, Indiana? That would mean your in what town around the corner? - My town is Tell City, Indiana, although many of my relations are also settled in Kentucky.

> "a stranger in the City" What City? - New York, New York

> You wanted to marry him I guess? - Don't want to talk about that

> How did you meet him? - His mother was my school teacher

> Who are his people? - His mother was an itinerant school teacher. Went from place to place. Arrived with him in a suitcase and left under his own steam,
carrying nothing but a worn valise.