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Current Virtual Exhibitions

The Fluxcase - a growing collection of event scores and documents for conducting fluxfestivals.

The Department of Linguistic Records 

The Department of Photographic Records
Hannah Hoch site an exhibition space of the Collage Museum is mostly ready to look at.
Constructivist Collage a few things from here and there around the net
photo montage - constructivism artThe Virtual Archives at the Collage Museum - Various individual works gradually added from famous as well as contemporary artists working in collage and assemblage.

The Museum's Collection

See what we are currently collecting and how to contribute

The bulk of the museum's current collection currently consisting of a large body of collages that has been collected through the IMCAC (International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction) since the year 1999 through a series of mail exchanges called the Baker's Dozen designed by Cecil Touchon as a mail art project and coordinated by Dale Copeland. Additional works have been collected through unsolicited donations from various artists. To participate in the baker's dozen project go here

The museum is currently interested in continuing to collect contemporary examples of collage, assemblage and construction through donation directly from artists and those who have collected such works and wish to donate them to the museum especially from members of ISACA. See Donations for more information.
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