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The Exquisite Family Records
The Fantastic, Far Fetched, Outrageous,
yet Highly Detailed Family Member Exploits and Rumors Thereof.

An email group has been established for the purpose of creating the Exquisite Family Records.
  1. The archivist posts a old photograph or some other conversation piece,
  2. Members fabricate a history based on a close observation of the photograph being as detailed as possible
  3. The archivist clarifies the details with questions compiling into a web document
  4. Other images and information are added based on researching the details proposed.
  5. Gradually an entire world is created around them.
The Exquisite Family includes various generations, their friends, enemies, exploits etc. The central charactors are from the family name Exquisite.
You are invited to join this group and start working on what will 
become a website and hopefully the book and who knows, "The Exquisite Family, the movie"!

Sample of Participation

antique photograph collected by Cecil Touchon.  
First Row: left to right: Huck and Billy
Back Row: left to right: Aunt Beatrice, Mom and sister Berta 
OM-DLR-IPDGMG-FA-JB-99-04-13-01 From: Jody Brewster <> 
I remember it being Easter weekend.  It wasn't the usual Easter weekend since auntie Beatrice and uncle Sal  were down South from New York for the season.  My uncle Sal owns a salt company, which makes him the 
wealthiest man we know.  Why, he came down here in, a new '37 Fiat 508 Balilla Spyder,  the nicest auto in these parts.  No one round here can buy a fancy looker like that.  He even brought with him a camera, just 
like the one Sally's parents have in town.  My uncle liked to show off his money by boasting that he had a Graflex which he said was a "one of a kind." When we came back home from Easter service we ate an enormous 
meal.  Momma you always make the best giblets n' gravy I'd tell her. Baked chicken and mashed potatoes n' gravy was my favorite. 

Whenever there was a holiday, my friend Huck would come over after he ate with his family.  Huck liked to eat a lot and momma said he had an appetite the size of the lady in Mr. Peterson's Grocery.  And she was a 
great heifer, that she was.  After we ate, my pop wanted uncle Sal to show him the camera that he brought with him.  It was a nice camera with all kinds of neat gadgets. We never had a family portrait, and since my uncle had brought one, my pop hinted that it would be nice to have a picture of his loved ones on the night stand in the living room.  So my uncle set up the equipment, loaded the film, and told me and my pop, mom, and sister Bertha to gather round for the picture. Me and pop grabbed two chairs off the porch and set them down for my momma and sis. Auntie Beatrice said that she wanted a picture of her handsome nephew as she pinched my cheek, which I figured every auntie in America must do. 

Huck wanted to see his picture taken, and since auntie thought he was a handsome man too, she didn't mind at all.  Huck's lucky though, since he didn't get his cheek pinched.  I sat down in the chair next to Huck, 
laughing while I tried to pinch Huck's cheek.  Mimicking, "What a handsome young man your friend is Billy."  My sister giggled at my impersonations as she guided auntie by the hand behind us.  Momma was happy to be in another picture.  She thought that this was so exciting and everyone was dressed so nicely for the pictures.  "It's a beautiful day isn't it?", she remarked.  And uncle Sal raised up his hand and yelled, "Smile!" 

Jody Brewster 
-"Memories are treasures waiting to be opened." 


So It would seem that we are locating this picture in 1936 or 37 at easter somewhere in the south where spring arrives earlier than where Uncle Sal and Aunt Beatrice live at? 

No, no they live in New York, down south from up North. 

So billy, Is that you on the right then? 

no left 

If your mom (what's her name?) 

Stella Smith 

is not in this photo and Beatrice is in the middle(?) 
then who is on the left? 

Stella is on the left Billy's mom, auntie Beatrice is in the middle 

What is Uncle Sal short for? 

Billy called him Sal since he was a baby.  It's was easier to say than  Alfred 

("Uncle Alfred, we're so sorry but we haven't done a bloody thing all day"... The Beatles) 

Is Sal your dad's or mom's brother?  


What's Your dad's name?  


What else was on the table? Apple pie? String beans? 

corn, apple pie, string beans, cauliflower, ect 

Do you have your mom's recipe book? 

That's funny 

is that the 508 Fiat built between  the years 1934-37 with a 995cc,4 cylinder engine? 

When we go into years, I get lost 

What color? 


Is huck short for something or is that a nickname since he look kind of 
like huck finn. 

Exactly, Huck Finn type character 

and the Graflex camera, that must have been a 4x5 "Pre-anniversary" 
Speed Graphic (circa 1936-1939)? 
maybe this very camera? 

Very good Jody Brewster


Uncle Sal's Graflex: Speed Graphic ( circa 1936-1939)  

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